Jess Rimington on the Cultivating Women’s Leadership Leadership Training
Rose Elizondo on the Cultivating Women’s Leadership Leadership Training
Diane Quinley on the Cultivating Women’s Leadership Leadership Training

What past attendees have written about the experience…

“I so appreciate the generosity of spirit, work, and courage the training exemplified by being inclusive. Their vision created a space where I, as a woman of color, felt valued and wanted to value others different than myself. This eco-equity vision is essential for the work of the environmental movement to become a universal reality.”

“When will we be a fully-engaged force for positive change? Through CWL we experienced the answer: When women join together and connect across differences to support each other to find their feminine strengths and accept their shadows. When women go to their center and ground themselves in their uniqueness, authenticity and purpose. When women are allowed to bloom at whatever age so their intuition and hearts lead their actions.”

– Community organizer who works with prisoners to green San Quentin

“As I was speaking to a roomful of donors on Saturday, I found myself talking from a new place of confidence and skill and passion. I am sitting with the knowledge that responsibility is not a burden, but a gift, when it is wrapped around what and whom you love.”

“We entered a timeless space that reached into the past of our stories; that brought an understanding to our present stories and then wove us into our future potential of sacred connection: comadres!”

– Naturalist educator who creates curricula for a series of nature preserves in Northern CA

“What I experienced over the six (infinite) days of the retreat filled a well that was all but dry, returned a sense of long-lost hope, and ensconced me in a community so rich and generous and wise that I was truly overwhelmed. A precious and perfect circle of love was created and I am incredibly honored to have been part of it. This circle was also a place of deep, deep learning for me. The unfolding process of understanding our collective and individual histories, the damage that we hold in our bodies and hearts, allowed for an extraordinary healing. We became whole.”

“I re-enter the world and, while my purpose remains steady, I am a new person. My spirit soars and my sense of connectedness is strong. My sisters, my comadres, are now a part of me and my work. The load is lighter. I did not “retreat” but rather was propelled into a future of hope and love.”

Nurse, professor and director of an environmental health education center and national coalition of nurses working to green hospitals and the practices of medicine

“The part of my purpose that developed more clarity was my confidence in my ability to carry it out. I went into the training wondering how I got where I am, thinking that at any moment someone might realize that I faked my way in. I left understanding my power and strength, and knowing that I am fully capable of running my organization.”

Young urban food justice leader with an inner city garden, training center and CSA

“The workshop was life-changing. Instead of merely adding skills, the leaders and experience allowed me to dig deep, work with and move through experiences in my life and cells in order to be clear in my purpose, and therefore, LEAD! I developed self-acceptance. I identified my relationship to leadership. I healed my feeling of being unloved and invisible since I was born, allowing me to shine on into my future.”

Healer/activist working to increase food security and food justice in the Monterey peninsula and central valley of CA.

“The structure and pacing of ideas and themes introduced took us on a journey into the heart of our beliefs about leadership and purpose. I now know that I can lead from a place of heart.”

Chair of a CA nonprofit preserving & teaching indigenous culture

“I gained an appreciation for how muddied with racism the waters I swim in are. In my own studies I have focused on the suppression of women and the Feminine as a whole in our culture. After our training I am now mindful that I have so much to understand and humbled that such a chasm exists. It was great to address it and it is worth an entire week of it’s own.”

– Attorney with a multinational software corporation

“I have been frustrated at times feeling insulated in my own life, busy with children and spending so much time with women my own age, ethnicity and social strata. The compassion, empathy, deep understanding and heartfelt connections cultivated through hearing one another’s stories just cracked my heart open. I believe this is absolutely essential to initiating change in the world. We have to find ways to personalize how the systems that we consciously or unconsciously support impact those in other communities. This workshop provided a profound, meaningful forum to lovingly explore our blind spots, prejudices and assumptions, along with celebrating our common ground and the brilliant tapestry in which our lives are interwoven.”

Green mayor of a northern CA city

“My main gain is a new desire to play BIG and be focused on where the most change can be created with women in the world. I’ve lost a shade of fear and hesitation that always traveled with me. I have a desire to decline some of the groups I participate in that are not moving clearly in this direction.”

– An attorney who writes policy to ban chemicals from beauty industry

“My comadres are a necessity in order to move toward a world full of equality, compassion and sustainability. It is possible to break down the walls of oppression by simply caring for our selves and supporting our sisters in doing the same.”

Beekeeper and donor/activist

“We were allowed to experience in mind, body and spirit something that took us beyond this physical world and into something of the future. As a result, we now have a fresh COLLECTIVE memory of what the new emerging world holds, looks life, feels like, and some of its essential elements such as love, sincerity, mutual respect and appreciation, understanding, loving kindness, care and compassion – not to mention authenticity, clarity of purpose, owning and holding personal power and common connection with each other and the circle of life.”

– An arts educator, mother and creative ceremonialist


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