IMG_0808Nina Simons is an award winning social entrepreneur who stands for women’s leadership, the natural world, relational intelligence, connecting across difference and reclaiming the feminine. In 1990, she co-founded Bioneers with Kenny Ausubel, which identifies, gathers and disseminates breakthrough people and projects that re-imagine how to live on Earth and with each other. Bioneers media ignite widespread engagement and help redefine and inspire greater leadership.

Now, Nina’s focus is on women, nature, leadership, diversity and justice. She co-founded Cultivating Women’s Leadership trainings with Toby Herzlich in 2006, and continues to co-facilitate trainings and speak widely. Nina_May10©_Jennifer_EsperanzaHer anthology book Moonrise: The Power of Women Leading from the Heart is being used in courses on leadership, diversity and women’s studies.


Visit Nina’s new website: Nina Simons