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Cultivating Women’s Leadership brings together impassioned women from diverse cultures, ages, and backgrounds to learn from and with each other for six‐day residential intensives. Rooted in values of respect, humility, creativity, intentionality and inquiry, CWL trainings develop women’s leadership by:

§ Featuring experiential learning and transformative leadership practices including arts, ritual, movement and storytelling that help connect the personal with the structural, systemic and political

§ Consciously shedding insidious beliefs, stories and biases that can limit women’s leadership capacity and considering new ideas, narratives or frameworks instead

§ Surfacing and appreciating what women uniquely bring to reinventing leadership while integrating healthy feminine and masculine characteristics for full‐spectrum leadership

§ Prioritizing connecting across differences as an essential leadership skill

§ Connecting women to networks of diverse peers for ongoing coaching, influence, access and support


Emphasis is placed on: practices for skill‐building and leadership cultivation; strengthening both gender and racial justice lenses; making visible the legacy of imbalance reflected in our decision‐making, organizations…Learn More about CWL Retreats

women of diverse cultures, ages, orientations and backgrounds learning from and with each other

Meet Our Co-Facilitators

Award-winning social entrepreneur and co-editor of Moonrise: The Power of Women Leading from the Heart, Nina co-founded Bioneers and co-led the organization…Learn More About Nina
Leadership trainer, facilitator of transformational change, and network weaver, focused on assisting groups and individuals dedicated to building community…Learn More About Toby
An artist with a Stanford Law Degree in Social Change, Rachel is a leadership consultant whose clients include leaders from Google, the Sierra Club, Rockwood…Learn More About Rachel
A writer, director, producer and performer with Tricklock Company (since 2001).  She is the Director of Education at the National Hispanic Cultural Center where she also served as the Outreach Coordinator for 11 years…Learn More About Elsa

Why Cultivating Women and Why Now?

Our culture teaches us to value and rely upon left-brain thinking, which is analytical and procedural. Growing up as products of that culture, we learn to discount the inherent value of right-brain thinking, which is innovative and relational.

For hundreds of years, left-brain thinking has been culturally associated with the “masculine.” Without having been balanced by the human capacities of its complement, some of the resulting and widespread cultural patterns have been hierarchy, judgment, aggression and prejudice. We entered a timeless space that reached into the past of our stories that brought an understanding to our present stories and then wove us into our future potential of sacred connection – comadres!Replace HP

Most of our societal systems, including our educational, business, health care, media, economic and political systems, reflect and reinforce those harmful biases.

The testing and achievement standards used for admission and promotion by graduate degree programs of elite institutions assure that those who rise to many of the most accredited forms of leadership have integrated that bias into their behavior. Most of our highly respected social leaders – of any gender – have had those biases about how leadership looks and behaves reinforced again and again.

Another cultural inheritance of the industrial age reflects a deference to, and bias toward, external authority. People who feel called toward leadership most often await permission, accreditation or an assignment before they feel authorized to act. Carl Jung and other pioneers of the psychological landscape recognize an association of the realm of interiority with the “feminine.”

In observing many women’s deep orientation toward and emphasis upon service and pleasing behavior to the detriment of their own inner information and alignment, the importance of strengthening women’s self-awareness and generative capacity has become evident. We prioritize the cultivation of each woman’s sense of inner authority, the deep wisdom that can come from the congruence of all the ways of knowing that are sourced from within. Learn More about CWL